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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

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1. Reputation
For the last 38 years our reputation has been second to none. Currently, over 100 of the valleys most seasoned Carpet Retailers, Interior Designers and Realtors refer our services exclusively. Our cleaning process has been recommended on TV”S 20/20, Were also members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and we’ve never had a single complaint.

2. Experience
Since 1976 we’ve had the opportunity to work with every soiling condition known to man. We are also experienced in all fiber types and flooring systems.

3. Education
We are a certified Firm with the IICRC the largest Certification Body in the World for carpet, upholstery and tile and grout cleaners.We have recieved the Carpret and Rug Institutes seal of approval for our equipment and cleaning solutions. Failing to meet these requirements will void your carpets warranty.

4. Systems
Our service systems are designed to give our clients first class service. We respect you and your home by laying down red rugs at all entrances. We wear booties over our shoes to protect your floors and use corner guards to protect your walls.

5. Guarantee
*We guarantee maximum soil and spot removal without over wetting your carpet, tile and upholstery or leaving a sticky residue behind. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will return promptly and redeem the situation. If you are still not happy we will return payment for service without any questions.

6. Professionalism
From the phone call to the completion of our cleaning services, we treat each customer with professionalism and respect. In fact, we continually gain an A Rating for Professionalism on Angie’s List and have NEVER received anything lower.

7. Our Equipment
Our equipment, We purchase the best truckmounts in the industry and we use only products that have been tested and designed for carpets. Many companies use over the counter products and products that are not designed or approved to use on your carpet fibers causing unreversible damage. This will also void any carpet warranty you may have.

A truckmount is the machine that does the cleaning. To do the hot water extraction method of cleaning you must have a truckmount. As a customer you would care about this because there are a few different methods of cleaning out there. There is the Chem Dry method, Bonnet Cleaning method, The Host cleaning method. But basically the hot water extraction method is the most thorough cleaning method available. In fact all but one carpet manufacturer will void your carpet warranty if you have it cleaned any other way than the hot water extraction method.

8. Certified
America’s Ultra Clean goes above and beyond in so many ways that we hold some of the industries highest certifications and accolades, which includes:

9. Quality Over Price
Our primary customer is someone that is looking for the highest quality work rather than the lowest price. We understand that being the lowest in the industry is in vogue however our customers aren’t looking for the best price, but instead to get the best value their money can buy.

Quality is defined as “a measure of value or excellence”. The response our clients give us constantly reinforces the fact that we provide the highest quality service. What we do, not just at the cleaning level, but our customer service is far beyond what we typically see in the cleaning industry.

Because our 10 step process dictates our cleaning methodology for every single job, our work typically takes longer and cannot be the cheapest solution you’ll find. If you are looking for a true professional to come into your home that is licensed and backs up their work with professionalism and a written guarantee, then we invite you to call us today. We’re 100% certain you will be glad you did.

When We Visit

  1. We show up in uniform.
  2. We do a complete walk-through with you with qualifying questions, such as the carpet age, date it was last cleaned and what might have caused the current staining.  Similar to your doctor, we ask questions designed to help us understand the source of the areas we clean.
  3. We discuss our 10 Step Cleaning Process in much more detail that applies directly to your home or business.
  4. We give a firm quote with no hidden charges.  No hidden extras.  No bait and switch specials with high pressure add-ons after we’re in the home.
  5. We care about your home!  We use mats and corner guards to protect your paint and trim.
  6. Once the job is complete, we perform a thorough walk-through with you to explain what we did.  This typical takes up to 10 minutes and is an extra step many companies won’t do because they are off to the next job. We care about the level of quality in every home we visit.
  7. Our professionals in the field use iPads to record your room dimensions. This allows us to calculate the cleanable square footage per room and giving you a itemized custom statement of what you are being charged for. These devices can also run credit cards securely or take checks right at your home.  Our professionals can get an on-screen signature electronically and send you an invoice to your email.
  8. Your cleaning professional will also explain how our referral reward program works. We will reward you with 10% any new customers that choose to use us for their cleaning needs! We make it a point to find out how people hear about us, so when your friend, family, coworker gives us your name, we input that into their job information and you get 10% of what they spend with us for the first time.