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You can see our basic list of services below, however the sections ahead illustrate how we spend so much additional time and energy into ensuring our services are executed with unparalleled service and professionalism.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Shower stall Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Sealing
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Pet odor Removal (View the Water Claw Video)

Our Process

What really sets America’s Ultra Clean apart from other cleaning companies is our thorough, no compromise ten step cleaning process that goes way above and beyond what most other cleaners do.

We continue to be rated a top rated company for professionalism and excellence and our attention to detail is the secret to our success. This gives you a much more thorough cleaning and you know that our process ensures the it gets done right every time.

Explore below to view our entire 10 step cleaning process!

What Does “Way Above and Beyond” Actually Mean?

  • Most cleaning companies will perform a standard 3 step process and will not do additional steps such as pre-vacuum and instead only focus on pre-spraying areas that look dirty such as walkways or in front of a sofa. Our process is a complete 10 step process every time.
  • Unlike most companies, we use a neutralizer during the cleaning process, which will not leave your carpets feeling “crunchy” when it dries because of left over residue.
  • Left over residue is what causes carpets to rapid re-soil. By neutralizing the pre-spray, our cleanings last much longer which saves you money in the long run.
  • Most companies don’t agitate the pre-spray after they have put it down – we complete this step because it helps break up the soil.
  • We “rake out” the carpet on every single job that we do, which is something most companies do not do.
  • We use high speed air-movers to dry out the carpet. Most companies just tell you to let it air out for a few hours.
  • Many cleaning companies charge you to move furniture. We feel that is complementary!

Additionally, even our job set up is something most of our customers have never seen.  We use corner guards to protect the paint on the corners of your wall and we protect your entry areas with red rugs so that we don’t track anything into the home.  In other words: we care about your home just as much as you do!

Helpful Resources

Our business model is based on our customers having a fundamental understanding of what the best quality and highest professional service standards looks like and understands the value of what they are receiving.

Since 1976, we’ve been providing the highest quality cleaning services that customers can find anywhere. We currently proudly service the Phoenix Valley and surrounding area. Below is a range of resources for you to better understand what separates us from our competitors.

Our 10 Step Cleaning Process

1. Pre-vacuum – We pre-vacuum, to remove as much dry soil as possible before we begin cleaning. 85% of soil in a carpet is dry soil. Many companies skip this step turning the soil into mud making it impossible to remove causing many spots to re appear after drying. The I.I.C.R.C. (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning Certification) requires an I.I.C.R.C. firm, which we are, to do this before they start the cleaning process according to IICRC S100 standard.

2. Pre-spray – we pre-treat all carpet areas, with special emphasis on traffic areas, spots, and spills. The reason we pre-spray is that this is the solution that breaks up the soil from the carpet. The pre-spray takes soil molecules and suspends them from the carpet fiber allowing the extraction process. We pre-spray every square inch of what we will be cleaning. Some companies charge extra to do this and also some companies only spray traffic patterns or where they think it looks dirty to them. This step is built into our pricing structure so there are no surprises or “add on” fees when we arrive to clean.

3. Pre-spot – We carry over 22 specialty spotters on our trucks and guarantee if a spot can come out we will get it out. The reason you want to pre-spot is that it gives the spotting product time to work and do its job. Also, this is where we really shine! Because of our years of experience we continually hear that we got out spots that have been there for years and that other cleaning companies have attempted to remedy with no results

4. Pre-groom – This step is to help further loosen soil from the fibers before we start the extraction process. This is where we take a brush and agitate the carpet fibers. Special emphasis on the the traffic area soil. I always give the example of washing your hands. When you put the soap on your hands, you don’t just put the soap on them and then run them under water. No, you rub your hands together to help break up the grease, or soil that is on your hands. That is the same principle used in this step.

5. Hot Water Extraction – We clean your carpet with $25,000.00 truck mounted hot-water extraction units using pre-softened water as we clean. We have always believed that you can not get excellent results with inferior equipment. This is why we use the best rated cleaning units in the industry. In fact, in order to be C.R.I certified (which we are), it is a requirement to use an approved carpet unit. Every single piece of our equipment and cleaning products have this certified stamp of approval. Click Here to Learn More. We also carry water softeners on our trucks. We clean with softened water because it cleans better than regular or otherwise hard water. Soft water also leaves your carpets soft to the touch since the hard water residue is eliminated.

6. Post spot – We post-spot if stubborn stains remain. Again, these extra steps are where we shine!

7. Neutralize – One of the biggest complaints about carpet cleaning is rapid re-soiling, at America’s Ultra Clean, we neutralize your carpets to leave them residue free. Other complaints include a dry and crunchy feeling left in the carpet. Our neutralize process ensure that your carpets will be soft and fluffy instead of stiff and sticky. Most cleaning companies clean with an alkaline product. If you just rinse the carpet with water, you are still leaving a alkaline residue behind. When an alkaline product dries it is sticky. Complaints about “rapid re-soil” occur because of this residue. This critical step is extremely important, yet many companies skip this step because it is an added expense that they cannot afford to perform when they are competing on price alone. Because we compete on value and quality, you will find that this step will provide not only a better cleaning experience, but will last much longer.

8. Speed Drying – We speed dry your carpet as we’re cleaning from room to room with high velocity air movers. The number one complaint about the hot water cleaning process is that it takes too long to dry. Our answer to this is to employ a speed drying solution so that our customers get the very best quality without sacrificing fast drying times. Most other cleaning companies don’t employ high speed air movers because they are large and bulky.

9. Post Grooming – We post-groom or rake your carpets for faster drying and more visual appeal. Carpets can stay wet for up to 24 hrs with out causing any damage. Most carpets will usually be dry in 2 to 8 hours depending on the type of carpet, degree of soiling, airflow and humidity. Again, this is a step that most companies don’t do because they consider it a waste of time. This step is also beneficial for clients that purchase protector for their carpet. This step helps massage the product into the fiber rather than just letting it sit on top of the fiber, which ultimately helps the protector perform better.

10. Furniture Moving – We do move furniture under our normal pricing structure in your living areas. In the bedrooms we will clean any open or exposed areas. Due to bedroom furniture commonly breaking, our insurance will not allow us to move beds, dressers and nightstands etc. We will move anything you can’t or clean as close to it as possible, it’s up to you. Furniture will be blocked or tabbed to keep from bleeding or causing rust stains to the carpet.